3onedata Release Two Modbus Gateways


Shenzhen, China, July 9, 2018 - 3onedata, a leading global industrial internet equipment & solution provider, is going to launch two Modbus gateways of IGW111X 3IN1-DB series - IGW1114-4DI and IG1112-2DI. This series products are industrial Modbus gateways devices that used to connect Modbus TCP equipments and Modbus RTU/ASCII devices. There are three main features of this series products.


Feature 1: Integrated Design

IP40 High Protection Grade. The hard metal case deserves high EMC protection, the exterior adopts guide rail installation design. With high flexibility, earthquake resistance, and impact resistance, they can be used in bad and changeable working environments.



Diverse Work Patterns. They integrate Modbus TCP protocol、Modbus RTU protocol and Modbus ASCII protocol, and they have four operation modes, RTU Slave mode, RTU Master mode, ASCII Slave mode and ASCII Master mode. Users can integrate Modbus Ethernet devices, Modbus serial devices and multi-master multi-slave hybrid network.



Three-in-one Design. This series products support 2/4 RS-232/484/422 and 2 10/100Base-T(X) internet interface, and deserve wide-temperature-range and wide-voltage industrial features. Single equipment can meet various requirements, products can be quickly applied to practical engineering.

Feature 2: Multiple Functions

Smooth Deployment. Support multiple masters and slaves, they can connect 32 TCP slave and 16 TCP master. The network patency is well.



Flexible Access. The slave station ID map introduces virtual ID and real ID mechanism, achieves the flexible access between master station and slave station.

Safety Filtration. Support the filtration of IP address and MAC address, slave ID and exceptional response can be restricted, information can be filtered in time.

Intelligent Configuration. The built-in WEB server support telnet, serial port and other disposition forms make it easy for users to configure network settings.

Transmission Stability. The original SW-Ring network redundancy technology can fix itself immediately when there’s a breakdown, and ensure the network reliability.

Feature 3: Integrating Solutions



3onedata IGW111X 3IN1-DB series Modbus gateways products are feature-jammed, extensible and cost efficient. After the serial port master upgraded to TCP master, the slave machine ID don’t need revise. They are widely used for Intelligent Manufacturing, Smart Grid, Wisdom City, Safe City, Petrochemical and other industries. The apply for photovoltaic power generation operation and maintenance system is the most typical.


Photovoltaic Power Generation Operation and Maintenance System

The photovoltaic power station is always faced with strong electromagnetic radiation, as well as the constraint of special industry transmission protocol. The complex and bad field environment makes great demands for communication network quality. 3onedata analyzes the sore points and problems in photovoltaic industry in depth, integrates intelligence operations concept, and creates an informatized, digitized and integrated photovoltaic operational system communication solutions for photovoltaic industry.



The IGW111X 3IN1-DB series Modbus gateways, have wide-temperature-range and wide-voltage operation and anti-electromagnetic interference industrial features. The guide rail type design is especially suitable for the application of photovoltaic operational system, and can ensure the security, stability and reliability of communication network. Thus the operation and maintenance cost can be greatly reduced, and the photovoltaic industry will be upgraded from automation to intelligence, and maximize the value of the photovoltaic power station. 

Product Features


The IGW1114-4DI and IGW1112-2DI Modbus gateways are coming soon. For more professional details, please contact us.