• Q1
    What’s the default IP address of managed device?

    The default IP address is

  • Q2
    What should I do if I forget my login password?

    a. Restore the factory settings via the management software BlueEyes_II.
    b. Use DIP switch to make device restore factory settings according to hardware user manual.
    c. The initial user name and password are "admin" for layer 2 switch, serial server and Modbus gateway.

  • Q3
    How long is the recovery time of SW-Ring?
    SW-Ring managed switch is less than 20ms.
  • Q4
    What’s common material for product?
    Datasheet and hardware user manual, some has software user manual.
  • Q5
    What’s main function of BlueEyes_II?
    BlueEyes_II could research the IP address and Mac address, change IP address, restore factory settings, change product name.
  • Q6
    Using TCP Socket communication mode makes serial server connect to the door access machine, finding that cannot communicate properly?

    Fault detection:
    a. The IP address and port number may not be configured correctly.
    b. The serial port parameters may not be configured correctly.
    c. RS-485 wiring may be abnormal.

    Problem solving:
    find the parity bit is error, none parity is modified to mark parity, communication is normal.

  • Q7
    Serial server cannot communicate properly, a command is sent, but sending data from serial server is wrong?

    Fault detection:
    Older version of VSP Manager's RealCom function to receive code algorithm exception, resulting in the serial server to open the WEB function and VSP Manager open RealCom function, the sending and receiving data of the serial port are wrong.

    Problem Solving:
    After upgrading the VSP management software, the communication is normal.

  • Q8
    PC directly connects to the serial server, Ping test has packet loss?

    Check whether the Ethernet port of the serial server is damaged, if it has been damaged, it will cause Ping test packet loss.

  • Q9
    Serial server and computer with network cable connection, the local connection will appear ‘!’ exclamation mark (that is to say, local connection is limited)?

    Fault detection:
    a. MAC address aging.
    b. The computer and serial server are not on the same network segment. 
    Problem Solving: 
    After a period of time to see whether the local connection "!" exclamation mark comes or the computer and serial server can be changed on the same network segment.

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