• Q1
    What’s the default IP address of managed device?

    The default IP address is

  • Q2
    What should I do if I forget my login password?

    a. Restore the factory settings via the management software BlueEyes_II.
    b. Use DIP switch to make device restore factory settings according to hardware user manual.
    c. The initial user name and password are "admin" for layer 2 switch, serial server and Modbus gateway.

  • Q3
    How long is the recovery time of SW-Ring?
    SW-Ring managed switch is less than 20ms.
  • Q4
    What’s common material for product?
    Datasheet and hardware user manual, some has software user manual.
  • Q5
    What’s main function of BlueEyes_II?
    BlueEyes_II could research the IP address and Mac address, change IP address, restore factory settings, change product name.
  • Q6
    Why is the web browser page displayed abnormally?

    Before accessing WEB, please clear IE browser cache and cookies. Otherwise it may cause the page to display abnormally.

  • Q7
    Is it equivalent to configure the device through between the web browser and the management software?

    Both configurations are the same and do not conflict.

  • Q8
    The indicator is abnormal when product is powered?

    a. Check the power adapter voltage is suitable according to the back sticker of product.
    b. Check the ‘+’ and ‘-’ according to mark of product.

  • Q9
    3onedata managed switch can be searched through BlueEyes_II, but it fails to enter web configuration page, what can users do about it?

    Users should confirm that the IP address of the computer is on the same network segment as the IP address of switch.

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