RACK2000 Series

Media Converter Chassis 14/16-slot Rack

● Fourteen or sixteen slots that can implement centralized management of daughter cards of multiple media converters
● Support hot-plug operation of media converter
● Support optional dual power supply and provide overvoltage and overcurrent protection
● The power supply adopts modularization design for easy management and maintenance GET A QUOTE

Overview of 3onedata's 14/16-slot Media Converter Rack RACK2000 Series

RACK2000 series are 14/16-slot card/desktop media converter rack, which can insert up to 14/16 optical fiber transceiver devices and provide unified power supply, thus reducing the number of connecting wires and facilitating management and maintenance. This series has three products and can be used with various media converters. It provides various interfaces such as100M copper port, 100M fiber port, Gigabit copper port, Gigabit fiber port. It adopts 2U rack mounting which can meet the requirement of different application field.
RACK2000C can realize network management functions through management cards, such as remote card and local card configuration, bandwidth management, rate and duplex mode configuration, LFP alarm enable, transmission mode configuration, alarm information statistics, SNMP Trap and user management, etc. CLI, WEB, Telnet, SNMP and other access methods can be supported.
RACK2000 series media converter rack uses dual power supplies to supply power at the same time, which reduces the load of power supply and prolongs the service life of power supply. When one power supply fails, the other power supply can supply power independently, so that the transceiver will not be interrupted. When repairing and replacing the power supply, it is not necessary to pull out the media converter or remove the rack from the cabinet, but only need to pull out the faulty power supply from the back of the rack for repair or replacement, which makes the maintenance extremely convenient and quick. The power supply is fully shielded to prevent the electromagnetic signals generated by the power supply from interfering with the normal operation of the module. The switching power supply provides overvoltage and overcurrent protection, and the output ripple and noise of the power supply are less than 50mV.