Surge Protection Devices For CCTV monitoring system

The transmission performance is superior, the insertion loss is small, and there is no network drop phenomenon caused by ground fault, which can effectively eliminate various interferences caused by the common ground transmission signal;
The excellent lightning protection performance, built-in multi-level surge protection, large surge capacity, high-speed response (nanosecond level), low residual voltage level, chip-level protection for the protected equipment, small size, easy wiring, installation convenience;
The internal equipotential design of the lightning arrester can effectively prevent equipment damage caused by the instantaneous increase of the potential difference between the lines and the lines or between the lines and the ground

FL-BNC BNC coaxial surge protection devices is designed according to IEC61643-21 and GB/T 18802.21 standards. It adopts multi-level protection circuit and TDK-EPCOS high-speed surge protective parts. It has fast response speed, low output residual voltage and low capacitance design, transmission performance is superior. This product is suitable for surge protection of coaxial signal transmission equipment, such as video surveillance signals, 2M port signals, etc. It effectively suppresses high voltage and high current pulses induced in the line and protects the back-end equipment from lightning and industrial surge. This product is made of aluminum alloy shielded metal casing, has good sealing performance, and has dustproof and anti-corrosion function. It is connected in series and installed between the protected equipment and the outer line.