5 Port Gigabit Industrial Wireless AC

Support 1 Gigabit Combo WAN port(SFP slot or RJ45) and 4 Gigabit RJ45 LAN ports
Provide 2 USB interfaces and support log download and firmware upgrade via USB flash disk
Support centralized management of AP devices, including group management, location management, device list and device batch upgrading, etc.
Support AC dual power supply redundancy, input voltage: 110~240VAC
Support -40~75℃ wide operating temperature range


Overview of 3onedata's 5 Port Gigabit Industrial Wireless Controller IAC8500-1GC4GT

IAC8500-1GC4GT is 5-port full Gigabit industrial wireless controller, which could be used for wireless AP device management, including IAP2300 series and IAP2600 series, etc. This product provides Gigabit RJ45 LAN ports and Gigabit Combo WAN ports (SFP slots or RJ45) and other kinds of interfaces, and adopts 1U rack mounting which can meet the requirements of different scenes.
Network management system supports various network protocols and industrial standards, and visual monitoring of device system information, which can make AP state, system state, port state and network state more intuitive. WAN network supports PPPoE dialing, static/dynamic network setting and can be connected to all kinds of operator networks. It provides DHCP server, which can distribute network address for LAN network device automatically. It supports centralized management of wireless AP device, including batch configuration management, batch upgrading and location management etc. It supports all kinds of safety protection, such as IP filtering, MAC filtering, port forwarding, port redirection and DMZ etc. It also supports WEB access mode, and log download and firmware upgrade via USB flash disk It can provide users with good experience with friendly design of network management system interface, simple and convenient operation.
The input power supply is two independent power supply circuits which can ensure the normal operation of the device when one power supply fails. RESET button can instantly restore factory defaults. When power supply has link failure, ALM indicator will be bright and send out alarm, meanwhile, alarm device connected to the relay will send out alarm for rapid scene troubleshooting. Hardware adopts fanless, low power consumption, wide temperature and voltage design and has passed rigorous industrial standard tests, which can suit for the industrial scene environment with harsh requirements for EMC. It can be widely used in WLAN access, wireless hotspot coverage and other industrial wireless fields.

Additional Features
Support centralized forwarding and distributed forwarding, which can improve forwarding efficiency, and meet the requirements of user flexible networking and network access
Support quick discovery of wireless AP device, which can realize unified management of wired and wireless integration
It can achieve fast roaming of layer-2 network when used with IEEE802.11b/g/n/ac wireless AP
System information monitoring can make the states of device port, network, CPU utilization, memory utilization and AP connection etc. more intuitive
Group management can configure user settings, network modes, WIFI parameters, black/white list and probe of AP device in batches
Support online batch configuration and upgrade of AP device, convenient for installation and maintenance
IP filtering, MAC filtering, URL filtering and keyword filtering can manage and control LAN network access
Port forwarding, port redirection and DMZ settings can manage and control LAN network access
Remote access enables WAN network to access management device
Log management supports system log information export
Support device quick configuration and online upgrading
Timed reboot can make device operate more stably and smoothly
Support log download and firmware upgrade via USB flash disk, which is convenient for maintaining and managing product