1. Products need to endure harsh environment such as high temperature, humidity, dust, and electromagnetic interference
2. The large data volume has high requirements for bandwidth to protect monitoring video from buffering and pausing
3. The complex on-site environment with a large number of access points make device installation and network deploy inconvenient


1. Front-end network devices are accessed by industrial PoE switches to ensure normal operation in harsh environment
2. Complies with IEC61850-3 and IEC61000 to endure complex electromagnetic environment
3. Star network control system with high bandwidth backbone network guarantees the fluency of high-definition video and the stability and real-time of network


After the project completed, the production capacity can reach 1,000,000 tons, the DAYE NONFERROUS METALS GROUP can enter the first echelon of domestic copper plants and step into the world's leading ranks

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