1. The wireless signal of AP need to cover the whole warehouse
2. The great varieties of components and semi-finished products need efficient management
3. Devices need to be able to endure harsh environments such as high and low temperature, shock, vibration and dust
4. Data transmission need to be reliable, real-time and safe


1. Client keeps wireless communication with AP, supports 5G dual-band antenna to realize seamless roaming and fast roaming of link
2. Gigabit ring network ensures reliable, real-time and safe data transmission
3. Patented SW-Ring (recovery time ≤ 20 ms @ 250 switches)
4. Industrial-grade design to endure harsh environments and keep network stable and reliable


1. AGV realizes seamless roaming and fast roaming with the coverage of wireless signal
2. Grasp the information of running speed, route and sensor status to detect breakdowns and prevent the accidents
3. Meet the demand of centralized dispatching, realizing informatization and intelligentization of warehouse management

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