1. The precision of time synchronization need to be less than 100ns for automatic drive.
2. T1 On-board Ethernet interface need to support two 100M and Gigabit transmissions
3. Require compact size and light weight for integration.


1. Support PTP precise time protocol, provide sub-microsecond time synchronization.
2. Support six Gigabit copper ports, two 100M T1 ports and two Gigabit ports for space-saving.
3. Support TSN time-sensitive networking protocol such as IEEE802.1Qbv, IEEE802.1Qav and IEEE802.1as, provide deterministic data transmission with low delay and high reliability.


1. Continuous road signal coverage, data terminal is always online, meet the demand of 24/7 delivery.
2. Realize strategy-based safe driving and respond quickly to abnormal conditions such as road congestion, system anomalies and collision accidents.

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