1. High requirement for real time and reliability
2. Harsh geography, climate and strong electromagnetic interference
3. High maintenance cost in remote area


1. Industrial-grade level 4 EMC design guarantees reliable performance in industrial field, MTBF>300000 hours, -40~75℃ wide working temperature to withstand harsh environment
2. SW-Ring, automatic recovery time < 20ms, ensures the real time and reliability of data transmission
3. MTBF>300000 hours, significantly reduce manual maintenance cost


1. Reliable connection between information acquisition station, RTU and protective relay
2. Intelligent linkage of information collection system and automatic control system can effectively adjust relay status
3. The integrated automation system has helped partners develop a lot of projects, EnergoBit’s project has cover over 40 substation, and more than 100 substation are expected in three years

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