1. Harsh environments of salt-spray corrosion
2. Rain, snow, frost and fog on the fan blades affect the rotation of the wind wheel, the low temperature reduces power generation capacity
3. Low efficiency of operation inspections and the inability to detect and respond to abnormal situations in time


1. Industrial-grade products with conformal coating ensure the stable and reliable operation of network in harsh environments
2. Wired network plus wireless network to monitor the health indicators of the generator set in real time and digitally present them in the land monitoring center
3. Optical fiber networking meets the requirements of long distance, high efficiency and anti-interference of transmission


1. The real-time load status, structural morphology, damage situation and failure risk monitoring of wind turbine blade operation ensure the intelligent operation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines
2. The power generation system can respond to different offshore climate timely and flexibly to ensure the safety of assets and personnel

3. Reduce operation costs, improve run time of wind turbines, increase power generation of wind farms

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