Wall Mounting 1 CAN to Fiber MODEM

uSupport 1 CAN port to 1 fiber port

uCAN port supports two options for choosing baud rate, automatic detection and user definition. The range of baud rate is 2.5kbps-1000kbps

uData receiving/storing/forwarding could be achieved between 2 CAN networks with different rates when used in pairs

uIt can extend CAN bus transmission distance, the transmission distance of fiber port can reach up to 15km

uSupport -4075 wide operating temperature range



MC201-F is a CAN bus signal to optical signal converter. Its specially designed for solving problems like short transmission distance and electromagnetic interference during CAN bus transmission. It supports 1 CAN port to 1 fiber port transparent transmission and adopts wall mounting which can meet the requirements of different scenes.

DIP switch could implement baud rate setting of CAN port. Hardware adopts fanless, low power consumption, wide temperature and voltage design and has passed rigorous industrial standard tests, which can suit for the industrial scene environment with harsh requirements for EMC. It can be widely used in PLC control and management, building automation, healthcare automation system, measuring instrument and environment monitoring system, etc.