Industrial RS-232/485/422 Converter and RS-485/422 Repeater (2IN1)

Support bidirectional data conversion between 1 RS-232 serial port and 1 RS-485/422 serial port
Support RS-485/422 repeater function, combine repeater function with bidirectional data conversion
One RS-485/422 port adopts independent external power supply, another one adopts DC/DC isolation transform to provide power supply and provide signal 3kV photoelectric isolation
Adopt pre-emphasis technology, communication distance is up to 3000m (9600bps)
Serial port provides 1500W surge protection and 15kV electrostatic protection
Support 12~36VDC wide voltage input

Overview of 3onedata's Industrial Interface Converter SW485GI

SW485GI is an industrial-grade interface converter device integrated bidirectional conversion between RS-232 and RS-485/422 and RS-485/422 repeater, which can implement bidirectional data conversion between serial port RS-232 and RS-485/422, or be a repeater of RS-485 and RS-422 transmission. It provides 1 RS-232 serial port and 2 RS-485/422 serial ports. RS-485/422 supports serial port self-adaption technology that can identify RS-485/422 serial port automatically without the need of setting the switch. Serial ports are equipped with 1500W surge protection, 15kV electrostatic protection and 3kV photoelectric isolation protection, which can effectively prevent device from being damaged. The device also adopts wall mounting, which can meet the requirements of different scenes.
Hardware adopts fanless, low power consumption, wide temperature and voltage design and has passed rigorous industrial standard tests, which can suit for the industrial scene environment with harsh requirements for EMC and be wildly used in electric power system, industrial automation control, IC card charging system and measuring instrument, etc.