1. Harsh environment like strong salt corrosion, high humidity and large temperature difference has high requirement for device quality
2. Low maintenance efficiency with high maintenance costs
3. Large amounts of different types of data need to be isolated from each other


1. Industrial-grade level 4 EMC design guarantees reliable performance in industrial field, -40~75℃ wide working temperature to withstand harsh environment, IP40-rated metal housing design against environmental disturbances
2. PoE power cameras via Ethernet cables to simplify field wiring, save wiring cost and make remote maintenance convenient
3. Based on IEEE802.1Q VLAN, different data flows can be isolated effectively


1. Enable real-time monitoring of the remote video monitoring system through fiber optic communications
2. Power Over Ethernet simplifies field wiring and reduced 37% of the project cost
3. Managed switch reduces the need for human intervention as well as later maintenance costs

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