1. Equipment need to effectively ensure the system running without problems over long periods of time.
2. A large number of video data need to be transported timely, equipment should support Gigabit network.
3. High demands for real-time network to let drivers know the real-time situation inside and outside.


1. The IES6312-8GP4GS features dual power supply, IP40 protection, -40 ~ 75°C wide working temperature, MTBF≥300,000 hours, the network stability is guaranteed.
2. Patented SW-Ring technology, automatic recovery time < 20ms, meet the demand of real-time transmission.
3. VLAN and IGMP Snooping can efficiently isolate different data flow and improve bandwidth utilization.


1. Provide real-time, reliable and stable data transmission in the tram network, drivers can monitor the real-time situation inside and outside, make sure risks are identified and improve personal security and driving safety.
2. AVM network is isolated from CCTV network, the security of different data is guaranteed.

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