Embedded 2.4G Wireless Single-band AP

Support 1 100M WAN, 4 100M LAN and 2 2.4G WIFI IPEX-1 generation antenna pedestal
Support four work modes including routing, AP, network bridge and client
Support DC power supply input and anti-reverse connection, input voltage: 24VDC (12~36VDC)
Support -40~75℃ wide operating temperature range


Overview of 3onedata's Embedded 2.4G Wireless Single-band AP IAP2300F-2N2-5T-PDP12_36

IAP2300F-2N2 -5T-PDP12_36 is an industrial wireless AP. The product supports 1 100MB WAN, 4 100MB LAN and 2 WIFI IPEX-1 generation antenna pedestal, etc. It adopts embedded mounting, which can meet the requirements of different application scenes.
The device supports four working modes: routing, AP, bridge and client. Support IEEE802.11b/g/ n wireless technology, wireless transmission rate up to 300Mbps; Support WPA, WPA2, WPA3 and other wireless encryption methods, with SSID hiding, wireless user isolation, MAC address filtering, ARP binding, DMZ settings and other security policies; Support for virtual APS, where a single AP device supports multiple SSIDs.
RESET button can realize device reboot and one-key factory default restoration. The hardware adopts fanless, low power consumption, wide temperature and wide pressure design, through the strict test in line with the industry standards, can adapt to the harsh requirements of the industrial environment, can be widely used in rail transit, security, smart city, integrated pipe gallery, production automation, smart lamp pole and other industries.

Additional Features
Support work modes including routing, AP, network bridge and client
Support high-speed wireless connection, the transmission speed of 2.4GHz can reach up to 300Mbps
Support 2*2MIMO multi-path multiplexing technology
Support wireless probe, it can realize personal positioning function with location engine
Support multiple SSID settings and provide SSID hiding function
Support multiple firewall functions, including port forwarding, ARP binding, DMZ isolation etc.
Support AC Management, SNMP and QoS function
Support WPA/ WPA2/WPA3 function
Support wireless user management and flow monitoring
-40~75℃ wide operating temperature range
Support power and antenna isolation protection
Strong anti-interference ability and high defensiveness, which can adapt to all kinds of severe environments easily
Support the function of power reconnection after outage, and the bridge can automatically reconnect after the device is started again