• Q10
    What operating system does 3onedata managed switch software support?

    3onedata's ethernet switch software including Microsoft Windows 2000, Window XP, Windows 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Window 8, Windows 10 and other mainstream 32bit &64bit operating system.

  • Q11
    Can SFP optical modules from other companies be used in 3onedata switches?

    3onedata switches have good compatibility with other switches, as for compatibility of SFP modules, we recommend users adopt our ethernet switch modules to avoid compatibility issues.

  • Q12
    What kind of serial port is console port in 3onedata managed switch? What is the pin definition?

    PIN definition: 2-TXD 3-RXD 5-GND.

  • Q13
    Why cannot the bandwidth increase after configured trunking?

    Check the trunking port's properties are coincident, including rate, duplex mode, VLAN etc.

  • Q14
    How to deal the problem that some of ports cannot access?

    When some of ports cannot access, that may be line fault, network card failure and switch port failure, by the following test to find faults:
    a. Only change a new Ethernet cable. 
    b. Use the same Ethernet cable and switch port, to replace the computer. 
    c. Use the same Ethernet cable and computer, to access other ports. 
    If it has confirmed switch fault, please contact manufacture to repair.

  • Q15
    What about the order of port adaptive status detection?

    Port to detect the status in the following order: 100Mbps full duplex, 100Mbps half-duplex, 10Mbps full-duplex, and 10Mbps half-duplex, in descending order to detect and automatically connect with the highest speed.

  • Q16
    In generally, the type of fiber port of switch?

    SC, ST, FC, LC(use SFP module)

  • Q17
    In generally, what is the transmission distance of fiber?

    Multi mode, it has 500m, 2km; Single mode, it has 20km, 40km, 60km,80km, 100km, 120km

  • Q18
    In generally, what is the power supply voltage range?

    DC 12-48VDC, AC 85-265V, they are marked on the back sticker of product.

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