Transport infrastructure is one of the most important factors for a country's development. Rail system is a longstanding industry that is always looking for new ways to become more efficient, safer, more eco-friendly and more effective at moving passengers and goods across rails. The metro system has proven to be most efficient in terms of energy consumption, space occupancy and numbers transported. Both rail system and metro system have strict requirements for the products that used in systems.

3onedata is an IRIS-certified Ethernet switch manufacturers that provide a wide range of Ethernet switches that comply with EN50155 and EN50121 standards. These products have been deployed in more than 1000 rail systems and more than 200 metro systems around the world. Let’s have a quick look at 3onedata solutions.

PIS (Passenger Information System)

  • Regular product and 3U embedded PCB are available for users to choose
  • The solution has been designed to conform to the requirements of anti-vibration and shock
  • PoE Ports power devices via RJ45 Ethernet cables to simplify field wiring
  • Gigabit ethernet channel ensures the redundancy of in-vehicle network

AFC (Automatic Fare Collection System)
  • Gigabit optical fiber ring network solution provides sufficient bandwidth for face recognition, cloud platform and the third-party payment platform
  • Multiple security protocols secure equipment management and data transmission
  • Based on layer 3 routing and gateway redundancy protocol, the safe and reliable connection with external network can be achieved

ISCS (Integrated Supervisory and Control System)
  • Double redundancy access layer ensures stable and reliable system operation
  • Core layer is based on RIP, OSPF, IEE802.1X and ACL, features multiple safe functions

On-board Monitoring System & Emergency Alert System
  • Vehicle surveillance video can be transmitted stably and timely
  • Adopt multi-port serial device server to let multiple types and a large number of serial devices connected easily

HSR Power Supply Security Monitoring System
  • Complies with EN50155 standards, ensures the security and stability of upper system
  • Excellent video transmission performance ensures high transfer efficiency of Pantograph-OCS system
  • Guarantee reliable operation in railway applications where vibration and shock are commonplace

Railway Tunnel Monitoring System

  • SW-Ring network topology that re-establish broken network links in less than 20 ms
  • Use VLAN segments to set isolation between different data in order to control traffic broadcast, enhance performance, and reinforce security access
  • Photoelectric isolation helps eliminate interference signal and ensure data transmission security

HSR Station Monitoring System

  • High transmission efficiency to ensure real-time data exchange and forwarding
  • Rugged design and housing for harsh outdoor environments

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