The IES7110 from 3onedata is a series of 10-port 100M/Gigabit layer 2 managed industrial Ethernet switches that designed to meet harsh mission-critical applications, such as outdoor surveillance, coal mine and smart cities. They allow great flexibility to build up a Gigabit redundant SW-Ring and a Gigabit uplink, and adopt industrial-grade design to fit harsh environments.

Ruggedized Fiber Ethernet Switch

The IES7110 series Ethernet switches are equipped with 1000Base-FX SFP interface, 100Base-FX SC/FC/ST fiber interface and 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface. The SFP interface is used to build Gigabit ring network, the 100Base-FX interface is connected to access layer switch. The IES7110 series is rated to provide IP40-level protection, which means that the Ethernet switches will not be affected by tiny dust particles, dirt, water, humidity, or vibration in most industrial environments. The fanless design and corrugated housing guarantee highly efficient heat dissipation and high-level EMI/EMC capabilities, making it the perfect fit for various harsh environments.

Redundancy Technologies for Industrial Networks
Ring topology is a very popular and cost-efficient way to build a network and is recognized within the industry as being one of the most effective solutions to avoid network downtime. 3onedata’s patented SW-Ring ring technology supports single ring, coupling ring, chain and Dual-homing structures, allows networks to recover automatically within 20 ms, increasing system reliability and the availability of your network backbone.

VLAN Technology Ensures Network Security
The IES7110 series switches support IEEE 802.1Q protocol, switch ports can work in access, trunk and hybrid modes. The entire LAN can be logically divided into several virtual LANs via VLAN technology to suppress broadcast storms, the virtual LANs cannot communicate with each other, thus ensuring the privacy and security of subsystems.

Static Multicast and IGMP Snooping Function
Multicast binding can help the switch achieve group membership management and guide the forwarding of multicast messages, but once the switch receives a multicast message it will trigger a network-wide multicast traffic flood. The IES7110 series switches support IGMP Snooping function, which can analyze the received multicast messages and establish a mapping relationship between ports and multicast MAC addresses and guide the switch to forward multicast traffic from specific ports to optimize bandwidth resources.

SNMP Trap for Event Alert
The IES7110 series switches support event alerts to help network administrators quickly detect abnormal events, such as network connectivity interruption and switch power failures, allowing administrators diagnose problem in real time.

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Additional Features
1.SNMPv12c is used for network management of various levels
2.Port mirroring can conduct data analysis and monitoring, which is convenient for online debugging
3.QoS supports real-time traffic classification and priority setting
4.LLDP can achieve automatic topology discovery, which is convenient for visual management
5.File management is convenient for rapid configuration and online upgrading of the device
6.Bandwidth management can reasonably distribute network bandwidth, preventing unpredictable network status
7.Port statistics can be used for the port real time traffic statistics
8.User password can conduct user hierarchical management to improve the device management security
9.Relay alarm is convenient for troubleshooting of construction site
10.Storm suppression can restrain broadcast, unknown multicast and unicast
11.VLAN is used for simplifying network planning
12.Port Trunking can increase network bandwidth and enhance the reliability of network connection to achieve optimum bandwidth utilization
13.IGMP Snooping and static multicast can be used for filtering multicast traffic to save the network bandwidth
14.SW-Ring, STP/RSTP can achieve network redundancy, preventing network storm
15.802.1X authentication could strength the flexibility and security of network
16.Loop protection could efficiently eliminate the influence caused by port loopback by detecting the existence of port loopback
17.Support port and power connection exception alarm, port rate, CPU and memory utilization rate threshold alarm

1. Video Surveillance System of Wetland Park
The surveillance system of wetland park is usually applied in nature protected areas, animal habitats, bird migration sites and lake districts. It can not only realize the uninterrupted monitoring of indiscriminate construction, pollution emission, ecological damage and other illegal acts, but also monitor wet conditions and wildlife conditions in order to keep track of the trend of ecological changes in wetlands.
The scope of wetland stretches dozens of kilometers, making it essential to adopt optical fiber communications for the surveillance network. The more centralized surveillance cameras are generally connected to the nearest aggregation switch, and for the remote monitoring points from the backbone network, lite unmanaged switches can be used to consolidate the data from the cameras and transmit it back to the backbone network via fiber optic links.

3onedata's IES7110-2GS switches provide two Gigabit fiber port to form Gigabit ring network with 3onedata’s private SW-Ring technology, which allows networks to recover within 20ms, minimize the risk of network downtime.

2. Environmental Monitoring System of Coal Mine
At present, coal consumption amount is about 30% in the total energy consumption structure in the world. However, coal is a high-risk trade with high accident rate. It is especially important to establish a reliable coal mine environmental monitoring system in order to reduce mine accident incidence and ensure coal mine safety production.
The coal mine environmental monitoring system consists of transmission network, sub-site, various sensors, power supply, actuators and related software. It can monitor environmental parameters such as underground methane concentration, wind speed, wind pressure, carbon monoxide concentration, temperature and the working status of electromechanical equipment, etc., so as to effectively reduce or avoid accidents.

The IES7110 fiber optic ring switches from 3onedata are used in all critical transmission nodes in the system to form a Gigabit ring backbone network that recover automatically within 20 ms. The IES7110-3GS installed in the explosion-proof box can aggregate the data from monitoring sub-sites and through 10/100Mbps Ethernet port, and transmit important data such as carbon monoxide, oxygen, gas, temperature and humidity back to the monitoring center in real time through fiber link. The server in the monitoring center is responsible for storage, process and analysis of the data, it also records environmental changes and equipment operating conditions, judge whether the data is in a reasonable range. When the data exceed reasonable range, it will initiate automatic alarms or execute command operations to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the system.

3. Street Light Control System
To effectively control energy consumption and improve the management efficiency for city's main roads, streetlight system is endowed with more and more intelligent applications.
Thanks to the IoT and Cloud Computing, the new type streetlight is integrated with video surveillance system and audioideo playback to achieve centralized management and control, enhance the monitoring of road conditions, making the road management and maintenance more informationalized and intelligent.

3onedata’s rugged switches IES7110 are used in the streetlight system, they are installed in the light base and accessed to monitoring cameras, lighting controllers, LED displays and other terminal devices by 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface, control signals and video data are transmitted back to remote management center through Gigabit fiber links. To ensure data security of subsystems, network administrators can use VLAN to divide the video monitoring data, lighting control signals and multicast traffic of LED screens in their respective virtual LANs. At the same time, enabling IGMP Snooping on the switch can monitor and manage multicast traffic, effectively optimize bandwidth resources.

About 3onedata
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