1. What is a serial device server?

The serial device server is a network device that transmits the data. It is used to connect the Ethernet, LAN and the serial port (COM port) of the computer or device.The main purpose of the serial device server  is to allow the use of the serial devices such as the printers, scanners or climate control systems in the network, rather than relying the solely on the serial port of the computer for connection.This allows any serial device to connect to the network and access from anywhere, including the Internet.

The serial device server is a server that supports the Ethernet devices. It can basically convert any serial device to be used in the network.For example, it can convert the old non network printer that can work only when connected to the COM port of the computer into a network printer, and it can be controlled from anywhere by connecting it to the serial device server ,and the serial device server is connected to the network through the Ethernet cable.This is achieved by the serial server by creating a virtual serial port(with the actual serial port connector hardware, only the interface is virtual), simulate the PC port and induce the device to think it is connected to a port.

2. Working principle of serial device server

On the one hand, it can be said that the serial device server is a very simple device, because it does not need to provide any authentication and security, but only connects the serial device to the network. On the other hand, or it can be said that it is a complex device that can provide many functions, similar to the Ethernet switches and routers.The devices without the security or authentication are mainly used for the data and access to the serial devices without the security issues, such as the local office scenarios involving the printers.In contrast, the more complex serial device server with the complete encryption and multiple authentication are mainly used in the sensitive situations where the security is important, such as the remote control key systems, the environmental control systems, the plant control mechanisms and other industrial applications where the security is crucial.

According to the different models of the serial device server, it can be connected with the simple printers, large screens, robot assembly machines, medical equipment, sensors and other industrial equipment. It can only be connected through the serial port at first.

3. Application scenario of serial device server

The serial device server has a wide range of applications, usually used with the industrial router or industrial switch. Such as the unattended weighing, remote attendance, access control gate, etc.

Electrical fire alarm application: connect the serial device server with the RS232 / 485 serial port of the electrical fire alarm to quickly transmit the alarm information to the cloud platform to remind the staff to eliminate the fire.

Smart factory and mine lighting: most of the traditional factory and mine lighting facilities are "Manpower control lamps", which can not be linked with the production and monitoring, resulting in the energy waste.The network communication between the serial server and the serial lighting equipment can not only facilitate the lighting control, but also realize the functions of the active reporting of the equipment faults.

Water supply monitoring of waterworks: at present, the water supply system of waterworks is still based on the networking communication of the serial port, which is only suitable for the single machine operation, with the limited transmission distance and difficult system maintenance.The serial device server can monitor the working condition of the water plant equipment in real time through the TCP server mode.