The serial device server has the function of converting the serial port to the network which can convert the RS-232 / 485 / 422 serial port into the TCP / IP network interface to realize the two-way transparent data transmission between the RS-232 / 485 / 422 serial port and the TCP / IP network interface. Therefore, the serial device server can immediately have the TCP / IP network interface function, and carry out the data communication through connecting the network, which greatly expands the communication distance of the serial port device.

1. Function of serial device server

I. The serial device server can connect the traditional RS-232 / 422 / 485 equipment to the Internet immediately. It is like a microcomputer with CPU, real-time operating system and TCP / IP protocol, which transmits the data in the serial port and network.The serial server is a device that can be accessed, managed and remotely configured by your computer through the network no matter wherever you are.The electrical equipment that only with the serial interface, such as the POS, ATM, display screen, keyboard, card reader, switch, minicomputer, fuel dispenser, RTU, CNC machine tool, test instrument, etc., can be easily connected to the Ethernet through the microcomputer protection device to realize the networked management and the remote control.

II. The serial device server can reduce your workload rather than increase it.First of all, the high-quality serial device server will have the "friendly management interfaces". A large number of the serial port devices may be scattered in the different remote, but the high-quality serial device server can use a single interface to complete all settings, which is an important indicator, whether you use the windows software, web or telnet.

2. Application fields of serial device server

The serial device server is widely used in many fields.It will be used in the network project transformation of data acquisition and remote control.

Take three common cases:

I. Unattended weighing: the weighing instrument, receipt printer, gateway and other weighing supporting equipment can be connected to the LAN by using the serial device server, and then the centralized control and the data statistics management can be completed by using a LAN computer.

II. Remote attendance: It will be easily to transfer the attendance data to the server with the attendance machine and serial server , and it becomes very convenient to count the attendance of each local office.

III. Remote control PLC: PLC and the serial device server means that the programming software combined with the virtual serial port can realize the remote programming for PLC.The serial device server can also be used in POS, ATM, display screen, access control, gateway, card reader, fuel dispenser, CNC machine tool, test instrument, etc.

In short, the serial device server is a necessary network equipment to realize the internet of things communication, remote control and data acquisition.An excellent serial device server should be an industrial product with the high performance and the rich expansion functions.