A core switch is usually regarded as a backbone device that is vital to the successful operation of a network, especially in the application of intelligent transportation, smart factory and other fields that has large amounts of video, voice and data to process. The ICS5530 series 10GbE layer 3 core switch from 3onedata is equipped with 6 10GbE SFP+ slots, 16 Gigabit SFP slots plus 8 Gigabit Combo ports (SFP slots or RJ45). The sufficient optical interfaces and bandwidth make the ICS5530 series ideal for large scale industrial networks.

ICS5530 Series: 10GbE SFP+ L3 Switch from 3onedata

Industrial Reliability and Capability
The ICS5530 series industrial rack mounting Ethernet switch comes in a standard size for mounting on a 19-inch rack. The switch is packed with industrial features to deliver a higher level of reliability and availability, including a fanless design, redundant power inputs, -45 to 70℃ operating temperature range, UL compliance and a 5-year warranty. In addition, there are up to 30 optical fiber connections(including 8 Combo ports) have been provided for flexible installation and long distance transmission capability.

Perform Powerful Layer 3 Routing
The ICS5530 series switch from 3onedata supports both static routing and dynamic routing, like RIPv1/v2, OSPFv1/v2 and BGP, which can full fit the various complex core layer networks. When cooperates with VRRP (Virtual Routing Redundancy Protocol), the ICS5530 series can help realize the active and backup selection of egress routing. At the same time, the ICS5530 series also supports ECMP routing(Equal-cost multi-path routing), routing entries with the same routing priority and the same path cost can be saved as ECMP routing to achieve load balancing of routing paths and thereby enhancing the reliability and robustness of the core layer network.

10GbE Extensible Ethernet Solution
3onedata’s ICS5530 series switch offers six 1G/10GBase-FX SFP+ slots, administrators can choose 2/20/40/60/80KM SFP transceivers or 0.3/10KM SFP+ transceivers based on transmission distance and transmission speed requirements, achieving network expansion effectively.

IPv4 and IPv6 Dual Stack Networking
IPv6, which stands for Internet Protocol version 6, uses 128-bit IP addresses, while the IPv4 uses 32-bit IP addresses. This change represents a huge increase in the number of available IP addresses. 3onedata’s ICS5530 series switch supports both IPv4 and IPv6, operators are enabled to get network expansion ready for the future applications at the lowest cost.

ACL Increases Flexibility and Security
The ICS5530 series provides access control lists(ACLs) from layer 2 to layer 4, enhance the flexibility and security of network management. ACLs can be used to restrict network access based on source/destination IP addresses, packet types and ports based on TCP/UDP or other protocols. Moreover, it supports RADIUS, IEEE 802.1x, HTTPS, SSH, and sticky MAC address to enhance network security, administrators can save a lot of time and effort on network management.

DDM Improves System Stability
The ICS5530 series provides a comprehensive fiber Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM) function on SFP fiber ports, it enables users to monitor key parameters of SFP in real time, such as optical output power, optical input power, temperature, laser bias current, and transceiver supply voltage. The DDM function allows users to be more proactive when maintaining their network and also helps to ensure minimal disruption, administrators can find potential failures before system performance is affected.

Network Redundancy
Patented SW-Ring (recovery time ≤ 20 ms @ 250 switches), and support STP/RSTP/MSTP, ERPS for network redundancy

Additional Highlights
A. PIM-DM/PIM-SM/PIM-SSM, IGMP Snooping, GMRP and static multicast are used for filtering multicast traffic to save the network bandwidth
B. Loop detection efficiently eliminates the influence caused by port loopback by detecting the existence of loopback
C. Link aggregation increases network bandwidth, improves reliability of network connections, achieves optimum utilization rate of bandwidth
D. DHCP server and DHCP relay could be used for allocating IP address of different strategies
E. SNMPv1/v2c/v3 is used for network management of various levels
F. LLDP can achieve automatic topology discovery, which is convenient for visual management
G. Port statistics can be used for the port real time traffic statistics
H. VLAN is used for simplifying network planning
I. Port isolation could achieve port isolation in the same VLAN and save Vlan resources
J. Port mirroring can conduct data analysis and monitoring, which is convenient for online debugging

1. All-fiber Gigabit Ethernet
ICS5530 series switches provide 6 10G SFP+ slots which support 1GBase-X and 10GBase-X rate. At the same time, they also provide 24 1G SFP slots (8 SFPs are shared with additional 8 10/100/1000Base-T(X) RJ45 ports, which are forming 8 gigabit combo ports).
As an L3 core switch focusing on fiber switching, the ICS5530 series is especially suitable for building an all-fiber Ethernet network. Its 24 downlink SFP slots support 2/20/40/60/80KM SFP transceiver, which comprehensively undertake massive front-end data. The 6 uplink SFP+ slots support 0.3/10KM SFP+ transceiver, which can be used to build a 10G backbone ring network and connect to the servers in the central maintenance room too.

For intelligent traffic monitoring and control system spanning roads, bridges, and tunnels, intelligent park monitoring system covering buildings, parks, and parking lots, and industrial automation systems integrating warehouses and production lines, the ICS5530 series is ideal all-fiber Gigabit Ethernet product.

2. Layer 3 Inter-VLAN Routing Application
For an industrial Ethernet network with a compact number of IP addresses and complex subnet planning, routers are expensive and have a limited number of interfaces. Therefore, the inter-VLAN routing technology of L3 industrial switches is a better choice. Following are the advantages of using L3 switches for inter-VLAN routing:
a. They are much faster than router-on-a-stick because everything is hardware switched and routed.
b. There is no need for external links from the switch to the router for routing.
c. They are not limited to one link because L2 EtherChannels can be used as trunk links between the switches to increase bandwidth.
d. Latency is much lower because data does not need to leave the switch to be routed to a different network.
e. They are more commonly deployed in a LAN than routers.

With the robust L3 routing protocols, such as static routing, RIPv1/v2, OSPFv1/v2 and BGP, up to 1024 routing entries and 4094 VLANs, the ICS5530 series switches ensure reliable routing between VLANs and network segments.

3. Virtual Redundant Gateway Application

Over the years remote access to unmanned sites has become critical for many businesses saving both time and money. Many of the field terminals are connected using one default gateway to communicate with servers or external networks. If the default gateway fails, communication between the field terminals and servers or external networks is interrupted.
VRRP (Virtual Redundancy Routing Protocol) resolves this issue by enabling several L3 switches, especially switches like ICS5530 series, to be grouped into a virtual router, also called a VRRP backup group. In normal circumstances, the master ICS5530 switch in the VRRP backup group functions as a default gateway and provides access services for field terminals. If the master ICS5530 fails, VRRP elects a backup ICS5530 from the VRRP backup group to provide access services for field terminals.

Therefore, important data from the front-end terminals can be continuously transmitted to the server or even the external network, thus ensuring the stability and reliability of the data transmission.

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