What Is A PoE Switch and Why You Need the Industrial Ethernet PoE Switch?

The large amount of devices used by industrial applications such as transportation, public facility and manufacturing automation will give rise to the cables in a condition of disorder. With industrial devices becoming more power-hungry, the PoE technology wins a good reputation among users with the capability to provide higher power and reduce the number of cables required. In this article we will discuss what is PoE switch and how to use PoE switch.

Difference Between Managed Switches and Unmanaged Switches

The use of Ethernet on factory floors and in industrial applications to access and remotely monitor data is rapidly growing. As Ethernet reaches the factory floor, choosing the right infrastructure—including the right switch for the right application—is imperative to maximize the performance of an entire system. At the highest level, this decision begins with the selection of managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches. In this article, we’ll compare unmanaged switches to managed switches from different aspects, and suggest when and where to use each type of switch.

What Is A Serial Device Server?

Know more about serial device server

Functions and Application Fields of Serial Device Server

The serial device server has the function of converting the serial port to the network which can convert the RS-232 / 485 / 422 serial port into the TCP / IP network interface to realize the two-way transparent data transmission between the RS-232 / 485 / 422 serial port and the TCP / IP network interface.Therefore, the serial device server can immediately have the TCP / IP network interface function, and carry out the data communication through connecting the network, which greatly expands the communication distance of the serial port device.

3onedata Rail Solutions Empower Smarter Railways

3onedata is an IRIS-certified manufacturer that provide a wide range of Ethernet switches that comply with EN50155 and EN50121 standards. These products have been deployed in more than 1000 rail systems and more than 200 metro systems around the world.

3onedata Solutions Enable Grids Smarter and More Efficient

What is a smart grid?In short, the digital technology that allows for two-way communication between the utility and its customers, and the sensing along the transmission lines is what makes the grid smart. A smart grid will permit more efficient transmission of electricity, lower operating and kilowatt costs, quicker restoration of electricity after outages and reduced energy use during peak-demand hours.There are some 3onedata solutions that can make grids smater, safer and more efficient!

3onedata to Present at SPS Italia 2022

3onedata, a leading provider of industrial communication solutions, today announces that it will present at SPS Italia 2022 with its local partner Kyma S.r.l.. SPS Italia is the highlight event for the intelligent, digital and flexible industry to discuss the most challenging issues of tomorrow's industry, it will be held from May 24-26 this year. 3onedata’s booth no. is Hall 6, K054.

3onedata's Roadmap in Q1 2022

In the first quarter of 2022, we are going to launch five series of products, including two series of Ethernet switches, two series of serial device servers and one CAN server. Here are the brief introductions of the new products.

3onedata Launches New EN50155 M12 Gigabit PoE+ Switches for Railway Market

3onedata, a leading provider of industrial communication solutions, launches the new TNS5800 series EN50155 M12 Gigabit PoE+ switches. The TNS5800 series is designed for major railway applications including CCTV, PIS, PA, and ATS, and is compliant with mandatory sections of the EN 50155 standard, covering operating temperature, power input voltage, surge, ESD, vibration, shock and power isolation to ensure reliable network communication for railway environments.

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